Reviews - Rabbi Moffic


“Spiritual wisdom meets positive psychology, showing that the examined life is not an unhappy one.”

—Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of ORIGINALS and GIVE AND TAKE, and coauthor of OPTION B



“Rabbi Evan Moffic is a very inspirational speaker. He was able to relate to the interfaith intergenerational community in an inspirational, humorous, and eloquent manner. His stories from the Torah helped bridge the faiths together and build bridges and break down fences.”

—Dilnaz Waraich, July 2013, Muslim Community Center, Interfaith Committee Coordinator



“Thank you so much for the great blessing you were to our students at North Park. Your lecture was just so appropriate for the education of our students, in Jewish thought, and in Jewish-Christian dialogue. It was a very diverse group- some from Chicago, and other parts of the US. Others were from Sweden, Germany, and other European and African countries.”

—Boaz Johnson



“Rabbi Moffic is brilliant antidote to all that divides us. He constructs bridges where others drive wedges.”

—Chicago Tribune



“Thank you for a wonderful program last night. Your presentation was so engaging (like the book) and you were expert at putting everyone at ease so that they were comfortable about asking questions and making comments that under other circumstances could have been difficult to bring up to a group that were, for the most part, strangers. I loved that people began talking with each other after the formal program ended and that I heard nothing but positive comments from our patrons. And as an added bonus I’m pleased you were able to sell some books. I wish you much continued success with Happiness Prayer.”

—Beth Schenker, Assistant Dean for Jewish Studies