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Missing God

April 20, 2017
missing god
Have you ever waited for a friend at a restaurant? As you waited, did you focus on the people entering who were not your friend? 
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A man walked in. You looked up. Not him. 

A couple walked in. You looked up. Not your friend.

When we wait for someone, our minds are focus on their absence…on the absence of the person we await. They are constantly on our mind even though we cannot see them.

French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre used this analogy to describe how many people think about God. In His seeming absence, God becomes more present.

Consider your own life? Was it is when you felt down, frustrated, that you thought most about God.

Perhaps God’s presence becomes more acute as we urgently search for Him. Perhaps the struggle helps us become more conscious of God’s ways.

The biblical Jacob knew this truth. He struggled with the angel until it blessed him. So do we.

Struggle and real happiness are not at odds. In fact, real struggle often leads to deeper meaning and satisfaction. Discover why in The Happiness Prayer: Ancient Jewish Wisdom for the Best Way to Live Today.

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