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How to Make More Memories

April 12, 2017
One of the goals of life is making memories. And think back to your memories: Did they center around individual experiences? Some. 
But many of them include family and friends. They include the holiday dinners, the weddings, the reunions. 
We are, as the Jewish sage Maimonides put it, social animals.
The struggle is that making these memories takes lots of work. My mom prides herself on organizing the Passover meal, which we had last night. But she was on her feet for 12 hours. 
And my wife loves having people over. But neither of us like the bags of garbage and clean-up afterward. 
But perhaps the work helps make it meaningful. Perhaps the reward corresponds with the effort. And the reward is truly timeless. 
Our ritual holiday meal of Passover brings together the past, present and future. We are part of a story that began before us, and will continue after us. 
Picture your life as a book. When you make memories, you fill the pages of that book with words of joy. When you share in the sacred moments of others, you add color and illustrations to that joy. 
Your story brims with meaning and happiness, and your our cup, as the Bible puts it, will overflow.
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