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Teach Us To Number Our Days: Find Your Heart of Wisdom

April 9, 2018

Certain verses guide us in life. One of mine, as I pointed out last week, is based on the biblical teaching, “Teach us to number our days… so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalms 90:10 What does this powerful verse mean? It seems simple on the surface. Teach us to number our […]


The 7 Symbolic Foods of Passover

April 2, 2018

My confirmation class has excellent attendance. But I suspect the regular Israeli cuisine helps immensely. As much as the content keeps them coming, the food does as well. The same is true when it comes to the holiday of Passover. Passover centers around the food. Each of the foods has a profound meaning. Here the […]


The Secret of King Solomon’s Bracelet

March 7, 2018

There are many legends about King Solomon’s bracelet. But the most important part of it was not its mystical power. It was the inscription. When times were good, he looked at the inscription. When times got tough, he looked at it. When he celebrated, he looked at it. When he mourned, he looked at it. […]


The Spiritual Magic of Tidying Up

March 30, 2015

One of the world’s best-selling books this year is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Aside from the clever title, it struck a chord in our psyche. We have too much stuff. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”] Yet we resist parting with it. We struggle for ways to “tidy up.” Sadly, reading about this book didn’t help me do […]


How To Forgive Yourself

March 19, 2015

Whenever I pick my daughter up from school, I am amazed by the size of her backpack. It is stuffed with books, and by the time she reaches me, it’s fallen off her shoulders. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”] I am still mystified about why she has to carry so many books in second grade. Yet, many of us also carry heaven […]


When We Fail to Achieve Our Goals

December 31, 2014

Happy New Year! In the excitement of thinking about goals for the coming year, I decided to take a look at what I had written and resolved at this time last year. My excitement quickly waned. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”] A year ago, following Michael Hyatt’s fantastic program, I had written 10 goals for 2014. I achieved […]


The Strangest Book of the Bible

October 8, 2014

Tonight begins the Jewish “Festival of Tabernacles.” Known in Hebrew as Sukkot, we spend time in  temporary outdoor dwellings. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”] They remind us of the fragility of life our ancestors experienced during their journey across the Sinai Desert. Vanity, Vanity, All is Vanity!  The biblical book we read on Sukkot is Ecclesiastes. Tonight we […]


How I Became a Wounded Healer

September 16, 2014

In seminary we read a famous book called The Wounded Healer. Written by Father Henri Nouwen, it was based on an idea of psychologist Carl Jung. [featured-image single_newwindow=”true”] The idea is that  effective pastors and therapists draw from their own wounds and pain in order to empathize with another. Their own pain gives them a […]


Does Religion Cause War?

August 18, 2014

Deadly images on television tear at our heart. We wish for the violence in Israel to end. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”] This land, sacred to three global religions, seems endlessly mired in conflict. Does religion just promote division or hatred? Is it because of its religious significance that Israel remains a place of tension? Or is faith, […]


Which Book of the Bible Should You Start With?

August 6, 2014

The Bible was never meant to be studied alone. This past year, a Christian colleague and I gathered periodically to study. He suggested we explore Deuteronomy. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”] The study expanded us both. While we differ in our view of the Old Testament, we both came to see Deuteronomy as strikingly modern. The God it […]

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