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This website is for people of all faiths who want a happier, healthier and more meaningful life. Is that you? If so, you will find here articles and videos and resources, based on Jewish wisdom, to help you on your journey.

My Professional Story

I  serve as the Senior Rabbi of Congregation Solel in suburban Chicago. The congregation began in 1957, and our membership numbers about 500 families. The Hebrew word “Solel” means “Pathfinder,” and it’s derived from a verse in the Book of Isaiah.

Solu, Solu, hamesahleh,” Blaze, blaze the pathway!” (Isaiah 57:14)

In our sanctuary with two high school students we worked with as part of a major community service project.

In our sanctuary with two high school students we worked with as part of a major community service project.

As a congregation, while serving the needs of our members, we also seek to blaze new paths in Jewish life. You can learn all about the array of activities we do by clicking here.

I am also an author and speaker. My first book focused on what Christians should know about the holiday of Passover. My second book, which was a Religious Books best-seller, discussed what Christians should know about the Jewishness of Jesus. My third was a devotional based on verses from the Torah, the five books of Moses.

My most recent book is all about happiness. I take my experience as a rabbi working with people of all ages who experience the highs and lows of life, combined with the most cutting edge research in positive psychology and neuroscience, to explore what practices help us feel a greater sense of satisfaction, meaning and purpose in our lives. The book is available here. 


My Personal Story

My family is deeply rooted in the Midwest, though I was born in Houston, Texas, after my father had completed his army service and taken a position at the Baylor Medical School.

My passion in high school was debate, and I entered Stanford University in 1996 with a plan to study history and go to law school. Those plans changed when I took a class in religious studies class and became intrigued with both the Hebrew language and ancient Jewish texts. The Jewish community center on campus became a second home for me, and in 2001, I entered rabbinical school.

We spend the first year study in Jerusalem, and I felt an extraordinary awakening of spirit and love. It was not an easy. Terrorist bombings happened almost every week. Yet, I left the year deeply committed to the strength and centrality of the Jewish homeland.

After three years of intense study at the Jewish seminary in Cincinnati, I accepted a position as a rabbi at a wonderful congregation in downtown Chicago. I was also newly married, having met my wife during rabbinical school. She is also a rabbi and serves as the director of Interfaith Family/Chicago. We are the proud parents of Hannah and Allie. Amongst the greatest benefits of being a rabbi is living within walking distance of the synagogue!

I am delighted to connect as we learn and grow in faith together. If you would like to connect, send me an email at [email protected] Shalom!


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