Was Christopher Columbus Secretly Jewish?

Was Christopher Columbus SecretlyJewish?

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44 thoughts on “Was Christopher Columbus Secretly Jewish?

  1. In 1492 Columbus sailed to the west following the Spanish armies liberation of occupied Spain. Over the 8 centuries Islam’s occupied Spain the Spanish armies adopted the practice of the and the Muslims were either to leave convert or die.

    In 1481 the inquisition began in Spain with more than 1300 Conversos put on trial until Jews were expelled in 1492. Columbus’s voyage began two days after Jews were given the choice to convert or leave.

    New evidence contained in his will and diary entries suggest that Columbus was a Conversos or a secret Jew. It has also been found that two Conversos, Louis De Santangel and Gabriel Sanchez, along with the prominent Rabbi Isaac Abarbanel may have personally paid for the journey rather than King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

    It is believed that Columbus was trying to find a safe haven for the Jews or perhaps travel to Asia to obtaining enough gold to finance a crusade to take back Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. It is also believed that Columbus may have been searching for the lost tribes since he brought a Hebrew interpreter along.

  2. I’ve always been told I’m a Jewish Gal @ Heart ❤️🇮🇹🇺🇸🇮🇱.. My heritage is Italian / American Catholic Christian Jew 🙏 Yes many labels !! I believe in God , who was the father of Christ that were the chosen people of Israel .. Mary the Blessed Mother🙏😇Gave Birth in the Holy Land ( Israel ) Joseph was a stand up guy !! The Roman Gvmt crucifies Baby Jesus … my heritage of Life 😳 so that’s what makes me who I am !! Viva CC Day !! Thank God , baby Jesus & Mary too Proud to be An American Italian Jew ..

  3. Interesting theory. However, I have a difficult time squaring Columbus’ alleged converso status with his brutal treatment of the indigenous people of the Bahamas and Hispaniola—including taking girls as young as 10 as concubines. In many ways he was the antithesis of what a mentsch should be.

  4. Who cares! If he was Jewish that would explain his natural intellect. Not saying Italians are not smart! But no one listened to Columbus in Genoa when he needed backing. Queen Isabella only wanted whatever gold he could find. But Columbus knew the world was round and wanted to prove it by sailing to India.

  5. He signed a letter to his son B’Shem. Marranos Acc to research amalgamated in central/southern Italy by the 10’s of 1000’s til recently. More in Spain & Portugal. We lined up at baptismal fonts taking vernacular/italianized Surnames. Also names of elements, flora/fauna, professions, geographical places, etc. usually their descendants Forgot or were not told. They took on Goyim identity, lifestyles, diet,ecc. But it’s recorded in mishna & pagan records, Yeshua said Himself to be Adonai of Israel & The laws of nature obeyed Him. Adonai would not permit any creature to do such. The leadership & pagans said He was a magician born of a soldier, instead of Maschiah Ben Yusuf Who came to forgive sin of crucifixion (& all sins) & draw out of it infinite restitution for next life. We still have consequences. Brit ha dasha’ says Ruach ha kodesh was His Mind to be worshiped on the body of Yeshua, to bring Shalom to all individuals obedient .body of Messiah outward Jews & outward Gentiles are all inward Jews. Friendship with God. Org, one for Israel.org, numbers 15:16. Shabbat shalom✡😊