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37 thoughts on “The Greatest Sin is Despair

  1. Thank you for speaking to this issue. It’s frightening to realize that the world is still having to fight against this kind of hatred. I’m encouraged by your words, especially of hope. Being people of faith means we do not let the fear paralyze us. I try to find ways to show kindness when I’m afraid, and that gives me strength.

  2. Thank you so much Rabbi Moffic, for sharing wisdom and peace over the internet, also, I much needed the prayer the loving prayer over me. Your prayer I said it with you, I began to feel peace and tears came to face. Thank you so for bring healing to for today.:)

  3. My two family members Billy and Christian are Va. State Police. They were in Charlottesville. Please pray for their healing. They were at the crash where the two officers crashed. They are hurting.