Reflecting on Antisemitism Past, Present and Future

Will antisemitism ever end? Give your answer below.

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180 thoughts on “Reflecting on Antisemitism Past, Present and Future

  1. It will never end, until Christ comes back for His chosen Jewish people, and we who are Christians. Time is getting close, Trust God, HE, sent His only Son, promises to come again. Look up, your Messiah, will come, do not lose faith.

  2. Not until the Messiah returns, I’m afraid to say.
    Like Kenny I too am a Christian and fail to understand anti Semitism .
    It’s a cancer that requires a heart change that only Jesus can give.
    There’s no place for antisemitism in a Christian, because when you’ve truly given your heart to Christ , that heart change will be there.
    Christ died for all of us , and the Jewish people of His day are not to blame.
    They were blinded to the fact that Jesus was and is the son of the Living God.

  3. It is not just the Nazis that dislike Jews try BLM, and the Black Panthers. The last Jews that were attacked in this country was not by white supremacist but by blacks, the New York City Subway, so rabbi see all the hate filled groups, this last protest in Charlottesville was a few hundred people in a country of over 321 million people shows just how few people are involved in this movement.

  4. Would love to join. You were my Rabbi at Temple Shalom in Newton, MA many years ago. My daughter is Mia Weiss. (pronounced Mya). My husband was Amos Weiss from Herzliya. We loved your sermons. So happy to see you again.

  5. Rabbi Evan Moffic, all hate groups eminate from the alt-left in America The alt-right in America are God fearing Christians. We love and support you because you are our Fathers chosen people. We love you in spite of your rejection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We feed on God’s Word and share His passion for the Jewish people and pray the Holy Spirit will find a way to teach you the truth about your Messiah. We stand obedient and humbly thankful that Jehovah God opened His heart to include us. We await you and invite you to read the Gospels. Peace, love and support for you all.

  6. Reb, it makes no difference where it comes from. Its been here all along and its still here. We have to fight it. I really mean…fight. The Arabs have always hated Jews. Christians have always hated Jews. I grew up in the south. If you were Jewish, you kept your mouth shut.

  7. King James Bible
    So it shall be a reproach and a taunt, an instruction and an astonishment unto the nations that are round about thee, when I shall execute judgments in thee in anger and in fury and in furious rebukes. I the LORD have spoken it

  8. They are blinded by the god of this world. I believe it goes back to the sin of Adam when jealousy, murder and all hatred entered the world. I pray for an encounter with Jesus, the Prince of Peace. He is the One who will fight and protect His beloved ancient people. Psalm 91 says we will look with our eyes and see the destruction of the wicked which we know are those that fought against Israel.

  9. I have always had a fondness for the Jewish people and I have always studied up on their culture their history and of course the tragedy that happened to them in World War II. I truly believe is a Christian woman it is my job to do my best to help bless the nation of Israel but I feel that so many things are happening right now in the world that things are getting confused Christians are supposed to support Jews we are all each other has left in this world everyone is against Christians and Jews they want all of us wiped off the map and if we can’t stand together that’s going to be a major problem

  10. Yes, It will end when YESHUA returns and the Jewish people recognize him as the one who was crucified and died for theirs and Christians sins.Until then, not a chance. Satan won’t allow it to cease until the Jews recognize Him.

  11. Nope, because even where (e.g., Poland) all the Jews were murdered, Jew-haters invent them! [Note when “hero” Lech Walesa* was “accused” of being a Jew by a political opponent, when in fact, Walesa was/is an anti-semite himself!] *LIONIZED by Western media who NEVER mentioned his “views on Jews!”

  12. The Jewish community is not speaking out too much not even a peep when a Muslim radical spoke of killing them all pretty much what like Hitler tried to do where is the uproar if Jewish communities do not say anything that’s their problem

  13. As long as we tolerate any form of ism, antisemitism will exist. Only by strongly standing up for the eradication of the concept that one human being has the right to hold himself/herself superior to another and vilify the other, will we be able to end antisemitism.

  14. Rabbi, with all due respect, and I would love to join your group, but clearly, history is again us. We have been hated us for thousands of years. If you think that meaningful discourse is going to change someone’s mind, I invite you to listen again to the criticism against Trump for giving his daughter over to that Jew bastard. No amount of discussion is going to change a person like that. The only thing to do is to support Israel and remain vigilant.

  15. Stop craziness no matter what they call themselves they are there to make trouble take all gov checks take names kick dragons don’t allow gatherings deport all foreigner s

  16. Anti Semitism has its roots in ancient Egypt when Hebrew soldiers were hired by the Pharoahs to guard Elephantine Island in the Nile. During the early Christian era it grew out of the church’s desire to totally separate from its Jewish roots. From about 1000 AD to the 1960s its roots were in the churches – esp the German Lutheran church and of course the Catholic church which said we drink Christian children’s blood for Passover, that we murder innocent little fair skinned Christian kids and that we poison wells and are filthy, cheating and like rats (Germans said this). The Germans never liked us. They always had laws against us. In fact, Hitler was not the first to consider getting rid of us – it was way before that – in pre WW1 Germany and France. Today in Europe it is the Muslims who hate us and want to murder us and in the USA it is the left – the liberals who favor Palestinians over Jews in the Israeli conflict . I am more threatened by the left in the USA than by the right. In fact, Mr. Trump’s Orthodox Jewish daughter Ivanka and her husband who is the grandson of Holocaust survivors are what make me see that the president is very pro-Jewish and all Jews need to realize this.