Why Don’t I Get More Letters Like This?

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Sometimes a reader understands your book better than you do. That's the feeling I got after receiving this letter. It reveals exactly what my newest book can teach and do for readers.

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Click to Get a discounted copy of the Book

Dear Rabbi,

“When I was growing up, I had a number of Jewish friends, and I used to visit the synagogue yearly as a part of our Sunday school ecumenical program.

Nevertheless, I can't say that I knew much about Judaism as a religion. It wasn't until I was middle aged that I even met a devout Jew.

Thus this book was a revelation for me. Though I had read in such scholars as N. T. Wright and E. P. Sanders that a knowledge of first-century Judaism was essential for a better understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus, I had never really understood why.

Rabbi, you are not only ecumenical. You are honest about the differences between Jews and Christians, but careful to show the bonds that hold us together. Much of what you say makes me rethink the New Testament—in a new and helpful way.

I had no idea that Jews practice a form of baptism (mikvah), and it makes me understand John the Baptist in a new light. I also was not aware that most modern Jews are ambivalent about the resurrection of the dead.

Your chapter on this subject is most instructive, allowing me to see the Easter Event in a new way. Likewise your analysis of the Paternoster (Lord's Prayer) shows me that the major portion of this essential prayer is purely Judaic.

Not only that, the book is easy to read. It's written on a junior-high level, but it does not condescend to anyone. As a Sunday school teacher, I found this book a new insight to the religion that I practice and teach. Thank you, Rabbi Moffic. I look forward to reading more of your books.”

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4 thoughts on “Why Don’t I Get More Letters Like This?

  1. What a wonderful description and understanding of your book. I hope more and more Christian teachers and leaders gain such insight from your good work. Thank you!!

  2. Just finished reading this book…I’m thankful that I purchased it on my Kindle as the pages would have tear stains on them, if I hadn’t. I am so in love with the God of Israel, with Israel, with Jewish people, the Sh’ma, the Hebrew language. Your chapter on the Shema just solidified my love even more. Last week I had the opportunity to hear Menachem Tailbum, a Holocaust survivor…at the end of his speaking the audience was given the microphone to ask him questions…I raised my hand and began to tell him, I have no question, all I have is “Toda raba.” My mind started to whirl when I realized I’m speaking to this man..this man of 80 years or more who lived through some horrific things. He asks me “how is it you know these words?” And I begin to tell him…He covers the top of his head with his left hand and does the Sh’ma….I was undone…the next thing I’m on the platform with him…hugging, being hugged, kissed and being kissed by this man. I was humbled many times and for quite a few days. At the end of our time, I just look in his eyes, and see soul to soul…he kissed the back of my hand and told me “what is past is past.”… and I don’t remember much more after that. Your book brought back moments of my meeting this Cantor “Manny”…and I’m in love all over again.