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48 thoughts on “Did God Create the World Twice?

  1. Shalom Rabbi Evan! Thank you for the message. I sensed your passion in it. Your message also reminded me of the scripture “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

  2. No he did one time but destroy it by water. He got rid of all the sin. The earth went untouched. He had all living animals” a pair of them “: and the people who believe in him.

  3. Good morning, Rabbi Moffic, I’m so glad your message was about the “2” creation stories. A couple years ago my brother Peter, pointed this out to me and tried to get me to see this as a contradiction. To prove an error was made, that there actually was a second creation that proved the earth was billions of years old. Now, I read the KJV cover to cover, which I have been doing for 14 years. I don’t stop. My brother knew if anyone would be able to see this, it would be me. I have never seen anything that would lead me to think of that story in anyway other than you see it. I told my brother that ,buy somewhere he had heard a minister preacher that garbage. I ‘ m going to try to get him to listen to your teaching. Very Awesome! Shalom Rabbi Moffic

  4. Ist earth age dinosaurs Satan fell god destroyed the earth the earth was without form and void. God wanted a family so he recreated for Hebrew ppl to bring peace snd a family of his own to the earth. Thank God he created the gentiles also. Praise YHVH!!

  5. 2 Adam’s make no sense. Your second time line makes no sense. How could God create man before the earth to set his foot on.
    Stick to the literal teaching. Don’t add your own interpretation.

  6. Rabbi,
    Tuned in just minutes ago. I never connected Adam and Eve, as part of
    day six of creation. I always saw them as the beginning of humans , in my
    Mind they were the example what not to do and also the beginning of
    sin and our fallen world. After they were cast out of the garden, there were
    other people in other places. I wonder how many more people were created
    before Adam & Eve? And did they live a life without sin?

    You know I always felt sorry for them ,because they did not have a mother.
    I know it’s strange and do not suppose relevant.
    The two Adams ,I can surely understand. Almost split personalities, I know
    the subject is deeper than this . However, with growth and changes to
    our lives, we are never always the same.